Olivewood Arts & Craft Bethlehem

Showcasing Olivewood Sculptures & Holy Land Art at Tree of Life Gallery


Holy Land artist of Bethlehem! 

About Us

Palestinian Olivewood

Olive Tree from the Holy Land.

We source olivewood right from our own backyard here in Bethlehem. For thousands of years, the sacred olive tree has flourished in the arid climate of the Holy Land. Jesus walked among these trees, carved and built with them, and used them for food as well. We want to share our blessings with you. 

The Carvers & Artisans

Carver from Tree of Life Olivewood sculpts an image of Jesus with Children.

Our team is always evolving and learning better techniques for sculpting the gorgeous olivewood pieces you see at Tree of Life.  Our sculpture are

Our Inspiration


Its a great big world, but there is only one Holy Land. Our livelihood is shared with Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike. Artists here at Tree of Life represent both struggle and hope for the equality of all peoples.

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